Accessing Life Force – by Lynne.

The human race is awakening, moving to the next level of evolution. Our awakening is not generally recognized because its path threads through the drowsiness within which we have been living for so long.

I wonder . . . do you see or feel the signs and symptoms of planetary awakening within yourself? Does your body sometimes feel almost too alive? Have you felt vague physical symptoms without reason? Unexpected and unexplained anger? Do you get tearful? Do you ever feel a desire to go off into nature where you can be alone or in the company of one or two people who can be open and honest with you? Does your mind wander sometimes into realms of fantasy, imagination, questioning? Do your dreams seem to be trying to get your attention, evoking confusing, sensual, or even destructive feelings, feelings that do not ‘fit’ into your neatly packaged life? Do you find yourself drawn to new relationships, new experiences, or even new lands? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of the awakening. You may be accessing Life Force in ways you do not yet understand.

The people I meet in my work have been carrying unspoken questions about life – questions that have a lot of energy in them –questions that have been pushed aside because, to the mind of our current culture, they have been deemed unimportant, inconvenient, even inappropriate. These questions are surfacing from our sensory intelligence, our intuition. When the questions are allowed we see that the future of the human race is unknown; it will not be like anything we have imagined or can calculate. Underneath what we think is happening Life itself is forming the scaffolding for a new paradigm of human existence. Our bodies are disturbed by the acceleration of the vibrational frequency of the planet, thus our dreams and thoughts are affected; we feel change happening but can’t control it. The questions remain.

And here is our salvation: We learn to relax. We learn to adapt to change, not by fighting or attempting to gain control, but by letting go of the need to control. Our awakening will not happen through control or through human direction. It will not happen in the realm of the mind or through computers, it is evolving in our cells. The sensory intelligence of our bodies is reminding us that there is a Force that moves the Universe and we are not separate from that Force. It is up to us whether we wish to access relationship with that Force, whether we wish to experience health, love and joy in relationship with That Which nourishes all of life, or continue to live in not-so-blissful ignorance.

How can we access relationship with Life Force? In a sense, that is the easy part: Life Force is trying very hard to access you. Life is always attempting to inform us, to imbue us with love and joyous abandon. What we have to learn is how to allow the energy in, how to integrate, into our civilized lives, the great bounty life offers us. And so we observe how the energies of consciousness wish to move in order that we can give them more freedom without harming one another or being destructive to other forms of life.

Day by day for twenty years I have been looking for people who are willing to allow more energy into their lives, people who are willing to observe their own nature, their dreams and their sensory experience with honesty and integrity. The people I want to work with are those who choose to carry the new consciousness with respect for themselves, for one another and for the natural world. These will be people willing to develop mastery of themselves rather than control over others, people willing to let go of the need for continuous personal gratification, people who know that the darker and sometimes uncomfortable aspects of life are not to be driven off but are to be included in a growing commitment to unconditional love.

Again and again, during retreats, I see people take up the physical, psychological and mental challenges that lead them into deeper relationship with the Source of all life: ritual walks, sweat lodge, fasting, times of silence, vision questing and entering the labyrinth of the unconscious. They dream healing dreams and listen to deeper levels of Self. We are remembering once again that our Wholeness is not dependent on some thing or someone outside of ourselves, but upon our relationship with Source and our healthy attunement with Life.

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