About this BLOG – Über diesen BLOG

Deutsch unten. Our BLOG is an entity of expression inspired from THIS moment in consciousness. We are ever-changing, therefore our way of expressing our experiences and understanding will shift in each moment. Check back again and again to see how these topics are being explored, 

Let’s unite like the Indigenous do. Today is World’s Indigenous Day.

Let‘s unite with one another more consciously and accept that separation (between humans, nature, all life, the universe) is just an illusion of our minds due to our conditioning and lack of spiritual understanding in Western cultures. Whichever spiritual philosophy, religious tradition and ancient texts 

Those who flow as life flows…

There is a thin line to be recognized, to be known and felt, like for an acrobat on a rope who is focused on the balance of each moment and at the same time preparing their next step. ➖After a period of practice it becomes a cellular memory how to walk the thin line. Thinking, trying and figuring out is replaced by mind/body knowing and experience. A balanced and harmonious walking the line becomes their natural state. ☯️ When does expression, action, movement become overdoing, forcing, pushing? When does silence, stillness, listening become avoidance, passivity, carelessness? How can we tell the difference? … We can feel it once we begin being honest with ourselves. Living is a felt wonder! We all have the opportunity to evolve in tune with life in the healthiest ways, experience oneness, meaning, love and flow. 🌱🍀Life is benevolent, it doesn’t intend harm. Conscious evolution happens in every moment, freely and directly, when we realize we have never been and will never be separate from life force itself. When we realize that only our own boundaries get in the way of self-realization, ultimate freedom and creativity. Boundaries that are created by ourselves, our upbringing, our social environment let life force bounce back at us and make us sick. Life – Evolution – wants you to be and continously become your full You, your Whole Self. 🐛🦋 And there is immeasurable support available, a force so strong and clear and direct that when you‘ve felt it once, you will want to feel it again and build your life in tune with, in companionship with it. It’s worth the work and the effort…🌳🍂🌱
„Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.“ – Lao Tzu.

On Masculine and Feminine Energies

Yin and Yang, combining seemingly contrary forces. Yin embodies receptivity, calm, stillness, listening, the „feminine“ principle – while Yang represents activity, drive, movement, expression, the „masculine“ principle. Both are essential to be recognized and nurtured in our selves, as well as in our daily activities, 

Wie es zu dieser Arbeit kam – von Lynne

„Du kannst deine Vergangenheit und deine Zukunft vom gegenwärtigen Moment aus verändern, aber du musst bereit sein, mit dir selbst im Klaren zu sein. Du musst bereit sein, dich nicht mehr selbst zu täuschen.“ – Lynne Gordon-Mündel Vor über 30 Jahren erlebte ich eine Zeit, 

How the work came to be – by Lynne.

“You can change your past, and your future, from the present moment, but you must be willing to be clear with yourself. You must be willing to let go of any need to fool yourself.” – Lynne Gordon-Mündel


Over 30 years ago I experienced a period of time where the veils of illusion fell awayDuring that time it was clearly apparent to me that I exist forever in the Eternal NOW and that I am at the same time responsible for my own destiny, the creation of my own body and the evolution of my eternal soul. My life has been altered and sculpted from that realization and I have for 30 years been sharing the energy of that time with others. My conferences, retreats and workshops, supported by Three Mountain Foundation, give me a focused opportunity to share my realization.

An individual who sees beyond the veil of illusion has to adapt to living at a new vibrational frequency. The physical body has to adapt; the social, familial, psychological circumstances have to open to new levels of life force, change, or be swept away. Over 30 years I have observed the process of this integration of new levels of life force in myself and in others. It is primarily this integrative process that characterizes my work. The Opening, the Awakening has begun to happen in many lives, but it is usually lost in cultural interpretations of madness, depression, illness, or it is co-opted by a spiritual teaching that does not run deeply enough to stabilize the awakening energies in an ordinary healthy life. The integrative process includes conscious re-evaluation of one’s life and consecrated, disciplined intention in order to align all aspects of one’s life with the Source of all Life which is and always has been Divine.

„I have been at home for a week now and I am still processing all that happened to me there and since I have been back home. However, I didn’t want to let another day go by without ALL of you knowing the gratitude I feel towards this incredible Foundation. Each and everyone of you that give of yourself so graciously I would like to express my deepest gratitude to. Each of you in your own unique way of service to the TMF created for me the perfect space where I was able to take all the information I have been learning in my head for the last few years and REALLY feel it in my heart!! That “feeling” in my heart is what I have been longing for all my life. Through the experience at TMF I finally felt the “Truth” of who I really am. For this, I am in gratitude to ALL of you for ALL that each of you do at TMF.
Love and gratitude, Diane Kulak.“

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Unser Zugang zur Lebenskraft – von Lynne

Die menschliche Rasse erwacht und bewegt sich auf die nächste Stufe der Evolution. Unser Erwachen wird im Allgemeinen nicht erkannt, weil sein Weg durch die Schläfrigkeit führt, in der wir so lange lebten. Ich frage mich…siehst oder spürst du die Anzeichen und Symptome des planetaren 

Eins sein mit der Liebe des Universums – von Lynne

Uns wurde erzählt, dass es viele Arten von Liebe gibt. Vielleicht nicht. Gibt es viele Arten von Liebe? Oder gibt es viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten, die Energie der Liebe zu erleben? Wenn wir mit einem Bruder, einer Schwester oder einem Freund zusammen sind, sind die Gefühle 

At One with the Love of the Universe – by Lynne.

We have been told there are many types of love. Perhaps not. Are there many types of love? Or are there many ways to experience the energy of Love?

When we are with a brother, sister or friend the feelings are not the same as with a lover. Love between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters feels different again. All of these differ from open-hearted abandon into the love of nature, the breathtaking exhilaration of beholding the cliffs, canyons, oceans, mighty rivers, waterfalls, desertscapes, of our planet, or of looking deeply into the stars at night. Love as compassion for the suffering is again a feeling unique to itself.

The feelings are different, but is Love different?
What is Love?

We have been trained to believe love is an emotion, a feeling state arising out of the individual. This is not my experience. Many years ago I experienced a sudden expansion of my conscious awareness. For a time I entered a state of consciousness in which I knew that Existence is all of one piece, it is a Unity, a palpable Tenderness beyond description, excluding nothing, existing beyond illusions of form and separation.

It was clear to me that the sensations of tenderness, exhilaration, joy that I was experiencing were not created in my body or in any body. Instead, I was immersed in something – the energies of Creation – Love – existing as the very stuff of the Universe. I knew then that my body, and the whole of the human body is not, never was, and never will be separate from the Source and Essence of Creation.

We cannot be separated from that which forms, sustains and nourishes our existence.

We cannot be separated from our Source, but we can believe we are separated. We can allow ourselves to live with the conviction that we are alone, isolated, insignificant, not aligned with the power of the Universe. This belief has consequences. In our culture there is an unchallenged and almost religious assumption that the energies of Creation move us, push or pull us, that if we don’t learn to push and pull these energies that we will be invalid, useless. If we look closely at this cultural myth we see that it is absurd. Science, psychology, the logic of philosophy all reveal this absurdity, yet it prevails.

This myth, this religion, breeds in succession all the miseries of the human condition. Poverty, war, disease, all result from the false belief that Creator and Creation are divided and that we must therefore protect ourselves from Life, or learn to manipulate it.

If we look again, we will see that the cure for this epidemic belief in separation and fear is in our hands. The cure begins with each one of us. We don’t have to campaign to change the world and we don’t have to leave it to the politicians to put an end to poverty, war and disease; but we do have to, gently and in right timing, ask ourselves to let go of any and all ideas that make us seem to be alone, helpless, or insignificant. If we really want to make a difference we do have to take time to discipline our minds and our bodies to recognize the energies of Creation, felt as love, in our meditations, in our spiritual practices, in our daily lives and in our relationships. Every one of us who opens his or her self to direct, felt-in-the-body acknowledgement of the Essence of all life becomes a living prayer and joins the awakening of the planet. As we open our hearts to the Truth we begin to feel more consistently the love that is the essence of Creation and we become ourselves catalysts for awakening – in our homes, at work, in our relationships and in our times of solitude. Our very bodies, our minds and the expressions of our lives communicate and share the truth. We become what we always were – the Love of the Universe, embodied.

Accessing Life Force – by Lynne.

The human race is awakening, moving to the next level of evolution. Our awakening is not generally recognized because its path threads through the drowsiness within which we have been living for so long. I wonder . . . do you see or feel the signs 

Conscious Evolution – by Lynne.

Life is a process of unremitting change. There is never a moment, never a milli-second when change is not happening. Even when neither eyes, ears nor mind register it, change is happening. Atoms are in motion evolving new forms and new levels of awareness. Most