How the work came to be – by Lynne.

“You can change your past, and your future, from the present moment, but you must be willing to be clear with yourself. You must be willing to let go of any need to fool yourself.” – Lynne Gordon-Mündel


Over 30 years ago I experienced a period of time where the veils of illusion fell awayDuring that time it was clearly apparent to me that I exist forever in the Eternal NOW and that I am at the same time responsible for my own destiny, the creation of my own body and the evolution of my eternal soul. My life has been altered and sculpted from that realization and I have for 30 years been sharing the energy of that time with others. My conferences, retreats and workshops, supported by Three Mountain Foundation, give me a focused opportunity to share my realization.

An individual who sees beyond the veil of illusion has to adapt to living at a new vibrational frequency. The physical body has to adapt; the social, familial, psychological circumstances have to open to new levels of life force, change, or be swept away. Over 30 years I have observed the process of this integration of new levels of life force in myself and in others. It is primarily this integrative process that characterizes my work. The Opening, the Awakening has begun to happen in many lives, but it is usually lost in cultural interpretations of madness, depression, illness, or it is co-opted by a spiritual teaching that does not run deeply enough to stabilize the awakening energies in an ordinary healthy life. The integrative process includes conscious re-evaluation of one’s life and consecrated, disciplined intention in order to align all aspects of one’s life with the Source of all Life which is and always has been Divine.

“I have been at home for a week now and I am still processing all that happened to me there and since I have been back home. However, I didn’t want to let another day go by without ALL of you knowing the gratitude I feel towards this incredible Foundation. Each and everyone of you that give of yourself so graciously I would like to express my deepest gratitude to. Each of you in your own unique way of service to the TMF created for me the perfect space where I was able to take all the information I have been learning in my head for the last few years and REALLY feel it in my heart!! That “feeling” in my heart is what I have been longing for all my life. Through the experience at TMF I finally felt the “Truth” of who I really am. For this, I am in gratitude to ALL of you for ALL that each of you do at TMF.
Love and gratitude, Diane Kulak.”

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