Those who flow as life flows…

There is a thin line to be recognized, to be known and felt, like for an acrobat on a rope who is focused on the balance of each moment and at the same time preparing their next step. ➖After a period of practice it becomes a cellular memory how to walk the thin line. Thinking, trying and figuring out is replaced by mind/body knowing and experience. A balanced and harmonious walking the line becomes their natural state. ☯️ When does expression, action, movement become overdoing, forcing, pushing? When does silence, stillness, listening become avoidance, passivity, carelessness? How can we tell the difference? … We can feel it once we begin being honest with ourselves. Living is a felt wonder! We all have the opportunity to evolve in tune with life in the healthiest ways, experience oneness, meaning, love and flow. ??Life is benevolent, it doesn’t intend harm. Conscious evolution happens in every moment, freely and directly, when we realize we have never been and will never be separate from life force itself. When we realize that only our own boundaries get in the way of self-realization, ultimate freedom and creativity. Boundaries that are created by ourselves, our upbringing, our social environment let life force bounce back at us and make us sick. Life – Evolution – wants you to be and continously become your full You, your Whole Self. ?? And there is immeasurable support available, a force so strong and clear and direct that when you‘ve felt it once, you will want to feel it again and build your life in tune with, in companionship with it. It’s worth the work and the effort…???
„Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.“ – Lao Tzu.

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