About this work

Some have attended many workshops, read books, have studied and practiced yoga, and even sat in hundreds of hours of meditation. Some people have not. Whether you are ‘practiced’ in exploring expanded consciousness, or not, we are ALL new and unknown in every moment. There is no “advanced” version of stillness and peace. There is only NOW.

‘Meditation and Transformation’ evenings and workshops provide space for everyone wishing to practice, and learn, about grounded consciousness and our Non-separate Reality. Experiencing oneself in a group setting simulates how we act, react or respond to the world and our fellow human beings, realize and shift our obstacles more easily and learn about unique perspective and ways to live into human life.

Due to various experiences in spiritual circles, religion, teachers, ‘spiritual egos’, and so on…many have developed, what one participant said so well, ‘filters’ – layers of questioning whether this experience is where one can deepen in their exploration.

Sifting through the abundance of esoteric, self-help, wellness ‘gurus’, techniques and workshops can be quite challenging and even aggravates, accentuates, the places in our own egos that judge.  

How does one choose a community? A workshop?

We feel it.  

When we get the mind out of the way, and get honest with our own agenda, it is possible to feel if something is grounded and consecrated in Love.

What does an agenda look like?

Are you seeking something? What are you seeking? Are you looking for a healer? Are you wanting techniques for being healthier in life, body, and mind? Are you wanting to have more power and position in your life using spiritual practices? Be honest!

Ask yourself, what is it in service to? Both your seeking, and the spiritual teachers?  What do they serve?

When you look closely … is it serving the ego?

We provide a space and work that is in service to humanity, the planet, universe and All That Is.  

Do people discover healthier ways of living here? Absolutely.

Tools and ideas for healthier relationships? You bet!   

But it’s not all about us – singular, this lifetime, from birth to death. It is about Us – a collective, expanded, conscious, infinite. All That Is.

Assisting people to understand that we are Non-separate, and that Life is benevolent, is an essential part of the work we give space to. This is something to be experienced, and not only understood with the head. Conscious experience only happens when you actually open up and choose to bring yourself forward into it. You can not “already have experienced it all” since every moment, every context as well as every person is always new and different – you reveal yourself and your relationship with the world and fellow human beings anew in every moment. Being this present, aware and conscious in your experience stimulates deeper insight and alignment with the Benevolence of Life.

Individual experiences in Life have more space to be lived through with this understanding.


Some example ‘filter’ questions:

Are you healers?

We aren’t ‘doing’ healing, healing is given space to happen.

Can you fix me?

We are not here to ‘fix’, shifts happen as you become more conscious. We provide exercises, rituals, and space for these shifts to happen, in right timing.

Do you use techniques?

Some technical language and practices come into the work when required, but this work calls on you to simply bring yourself to the moment, and be honestly available to what is happening within you, now.

What do I get out of working with you?

You are invited to find your Self.

This transformational work originates in Lynne Gordon-Muendel’s work and that of Three Mountan Foundation, Canada. For more information visit www.origin8.org.