On Masculine and Feminine Energies

Yin and Yang, combining seemingly contrary forces. Yin embodies receptivity, calm, stillness, listening, the „feminine“ principle – while Yang represents activity, drive, movement, expression, the „masculine“ principle. Both are essential to be recognized and nurtured in our selves, as well as in our daily activities, our human lives. They need to be balanced in us for a natural and nourishing life flow to happen in our bodies/minds and around us. ⚖️ This is the essential part, the foundation for our health. In a society that measures our worth by the activities we present, it is even more important to begin a practice of listening to our innate rhythm – to harmonize the flow of energies and keep the current going, to develop the ability to carry it forward into the world, into our conversations, into our relationships, into our actions, and also into our silence. ??‍♀️ There is no either/or…the flow of Yin and Yang is constantly happening in and around us… It may be blocked, suppressed, overactive, unbalanced – but still it is happening. Practice listening…and can you then find Stillness in Movement and Movement in Stillness? ☯️ .

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