by Lynne Gordon-Mündel

In this book, we travel with Maria and Alovar into Maria’s long-forgotten past and into our shared future.

As Maria’s mind opens beyond its normal limits she discovers layers of herself long buried in her unconscious. She must move through fears and convictions that have confined her and those she loves. She must take a new step in her life – a step that disturbs her to the foundation of her soul.

As we journey through the pages of this remarkable book, we discover that the challenges Maria faces are common to us all. We begin, along with Maria, to let go of ideas and beliefs that have blocked our intelligence and stood in the way of health, freedom and the aliveness that is our birthright.

In Alovar, Lynne has created a stirring tapestry of characters with the potential to change the way we view, and live in, relationship.

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