In a Conscious Community we begin to realize that we each offer a unique aspect to the Whole of Existence. In being present for your own Awakening Consciousness, you are simultaneously living in Service to all of Humanity.

This work is based in over 30 years of grounded experience. 

There is a deeper understanding that arises out of the collective consciousness every moment.  We can benefit from this wisdom when we learn how to Listen.   We learn through Sound, Movement, Stillness, Voice, Partner work, Sharing, and more.

These workshops are for people who wish to have a deeper understanding of themselves in their personal and spiritual lives. This requires us to put down ego dominance, techniques, ‘knowing’, and you can ‘Come back Home to your Self’, that which is not separate from all of existence.

We can begin to find a genuine relationship with one another, and the Source of our Existence.

Are you ready to deepen into your spiritual practice in the presence of others?


Experience the fun

of living a present and conscious life.

Dive into 

gently guided group experience with other beings, meditators, life adventurers, consciousness explorers, yogis, teachers and trainers.

Live, explore and ground

what you understand of the life process and share your perspective.

Raise your awareness,

unveil spacious consciousness, openness, availability, love.

Do you want to live a consecrated life?  

A life in alignment with All-that-is, with Source.


You don’t need a method or a technique to get to what you already are!

What we do need though is a clear mind, an open heart and a stable ground.


I look forward to meeting you!

Heidi Muendel