About Heidi

Heidi Muendel MMus is a gifted singing teacher, workshop leader, mentor, spiritual facilitator, and mother. She has been practically born in the cradle of spiritual work – that is, working holistically with people who include all aspects, dimensions, and levels of consciousness of our human existence.

After 30 years of exploring human relationships, (group) consciousness and the intelligence of our cells alongside her mother Lynne Gordon in Kamloops, Canada, she has been carrying on this transformative work in Frankfurt since Feb 2018.

Adapted to the lifestyle and needs of Europeans, interwoven with her unique abilities, Heidi encourages each individual to embark on the path of transformation, giving themselves space to feel themselves, to listen to themselves and observe how the conditioning and patterns of our personality structure dissolve.

Every seminar, every workshop and every one of their singing lessons is designed in such a way that we – each individual person – can experience more and more freedom, love and deep peace in our daily lives.