Author: Veronica

Let’s unite like the Indigenous do. Today is World’s Indigenous Day.

Let‘s unite with one another more consciously and accept that separation (between humans, nature, all life, the universe) is just an illusion of our minds due to our conditioning and lack of spiritual understanding in Western cultures. Whichever spiritual philosophy, religious tradition and ancient texts 

Those who flow as life flows…

There is a thin line to be recognized, to be known and felt, like for an acrobat on a rope who is focused on the balance of each moment and at the same time preparing their next step. ➖After a period of practice it becomes 

On Masculine and Feminine Energies

Yin and Yang, combining seemingly contrary forces. Yin embodies receptivity, calm, stillness, listening, the „feminine“ principle – while Yang represents activity, drive, movement, expression, the „masculine“ principle. Both are essential to be recognized and nurtured in our selves, as well as in our daily activities, our human lives. They need to be balanced in us for a natural and nourishing life flow to happen in our bodies/minds and around us. ⚖️ This is the essential part, the foundation for our health. In a society that measures our worth by the activities we present, it is even more important to begin a practice of listening to our innate rhythm – to harmonize the flow of energies and keep the current going, to develop the ability to carry it forward into the world, into our conversations, into our relationships, into our actions, and also into our silence. ??‍♀️ There is no either/or…the flow of Yin and Yang is constantly happening in and around us… It may be blocked, suppressed, overactive, unbalanced – but still it is happening. Practice listening…and can you then find Stillness in Movement and Movement in Stillness? ☯️ .

How the work came to be – by Lynne.

“You can change your past, and your future, from the present moment, but you must be willing to be clear with yourself. You must be willing to let go of any need to fool yourself.” – Lynne Gordon-Mündel   Over 30 years ago I experienced 

At One with the Love of the Universe – by Lynne.

We have been told there are many types of love. Perhaps not. Are there many types of love? Or are there many ways to experience the energy of Love? When we are with a brother, sister or friend the feelings are not the same as 

Conscious Evolution – by Lynne.

Life is a process of unremitting change. There is never a moment, never a milli-second when change is not happening. Even when neither eyes, ears nor mind register it, change is happening. Atoms are in motion evolving new forms and new levels of awareness.

Most of this activity is not visible to the ordinary human eye, thus most of what we are, and are in, is not conscious. Even so, we participate directly in bringing that which is not yet conscious into the light of awareness – into the recognition that it is, and always has been, at one with its Creator – with the Source of life. We do this daily, moment by moment, all the time, simply by living. The atoms that make up our bodily substance are in motion, changing, transmuting, evolving day by day toward God-realization. Material substance cannot help but evolve and it is magnetized inexorably toward realization of the essential truth of its existence. Any thing, any thought, any motive or intention that is going in a direction other than God-wards eventually falls away in the process of natural evolution.

This unrelenting, natural evolution is, in terms of human sense of time, a slow process. However, as material substance evolves to a level where it is aware, not just of the need for self-preservation, not just of the need to procreate and defend the group – the herd, the family, the clan, the nation – but of the potential to know oneself at one with that which is creating it all, the process can be accelerated. Great leaps forward can be taken when a human chooses the path toward his or her highest potential and embarks on that path consciously, with integrity and with disciplined attention. Evolution toward God-realization can be accelerated. It is for this purpose that Three Mountain Foundation ( and our work here in Germany exists.

LOVE and Conscious Relationship

When we realize that we all exist in LOVE together, we want to live in conscious intimate relationship. Instead of old game using confining, possessive language we do not wait for our partner to eventually become a little more conscious so we be finally understood. 

“Don’t take it personally.”

How many times have you heard this?  With a consoling voice, dismissive, sarcastic, even an angry voice? Yours or someone else’s? What happens in your body when you hear these words? Do you feel relief, calm, relaxation?  Or rather more rigid, with interpretations such as 

500€ or 5€ ???

I have been working at a place where I have a nice enough time –  but something has felt off – since I began. Life was trying to speak to / through me but I wanted to see this opportunity of facilitating classes outside of my studio through as it seemed to offer freedom to spend more time with my 2.5yr old daughter, and earn well.

Now 4 months later, I reflect on the fact that I have been in a constant state of stress. In stress I spend more than I need to, I don’t take care of my body as well as I could, and most of all, I didn’t end up with the time I wanted with my daughter. In fact I ended up missing her for entire days or else dragging her along to my work where she began competing with my clients for my attention, making for hours of tension, embarrassment, feeling not professional..and so on… Eventually I realized  there were complaints on all sides: mine, my daughter, and my clients. I started punching numbers into the calculator to see if it was worth it! – this much of potential income minus travel time, minus rent, minus babysitting…etc…

I had to re-evaluate before entering a new Year, semester and 3-6 month commitment.

It hit me when a complaint came about my daughter’s behaviour. This whole situation was pushing her into having to demand for my attention. This isn’t the life I want with her! And it is NOT worth a mere 500-700€ per month!!! No Way!

And yet the world of consumerism, debt, financial ‘success’ still has an affect on me.

Until I walk through this door.

I have been self-employed and exploring consciousness for over 25 years. As I am sculpting my life in consciousness I watch as it is reflected in my business, relationships, and community. There has been much fear / insecurity, and yet over the years, a deepening of Trust in Life and all Creation. I have observed countless, what could be called, ‘miracles’ in my life. I experience this to be an effect of learning to live in alignment with the ‘Source of All that Is’.

I am preparing a ‘Mantra’ Workshop for tomorrow and as I have been preparing the class this week, I felt that an extra 5€ on our current fee would feel like a good balance. Where does this feeling come from?

I didn’t look at my calculator. I felt.

As I was discussing this money, work, live energy investment topic I realized something… when I talked of the job where I was figuring out the worth of €500+ per month…I felt this yucky pull inside me…a forward and downward yanking…and a bit sick… the words I associate with the feeling is GREED. I want, need, must have, fear of lack…

When I spoke of the potential €5 increase on the workshop fee, I felt a centering, dropping to / through the ground, and a relaxation through my previously tense upper body.  And breath.

I could breathe!

I went back and forth between ideas / options and feelings….

It doesn’t matter the ‘amount’. Feeling into where we can breathe, and center in our lives, is where there will be more space for what Life truly intends for us…if we can just listen!  Deeply, in our bodies.

This isn’t just an idea. It is a practice. One I have been in in my mother’s work for over 30 years. My cells know how to listen. I can choose whether I will or not. I can numb myself with TV, junk food and wine like everyone else… or I can prepare my body to be able to feel / hear what is in alignment with Creation. Meditation, yoga, fresh air, the right books, conscious relationships and conversations, honesty, group-work with consciously evolving beings. Dance! Sound! Singing!

Our workshops offer me this opportunity – to not only share the knowledge I have of how our cells can remember our ‘actual’ Selves – but to continue to nourish my psyche and body with this consciousness and vibrational relationship.

Thank you.

– Heidi.

Why we practice Stillness

Relating with Stillness and the richness in the immediacy of each moment, we encourage everyone to listen deeply to themselves, to their bodies, to be available to the experience that is moving through them – now. By giving space to every experience, every human beings’