Conscious Evolution – by Lynne.

Life is a process of unremitting change. There is never a moment, never a milli-second when change is not happening. Even when neither eyes, ears nor mind register it, change is happening. Atoms are in motion evolving new forms and new levels of awareness.

Most of this activity is not visible to the ordinary human eye, thus most of what we are, and are in, is not conscious. Even so, we participate directly in bringing that which is not yet conscious into the light of awareness – into the recognition that it is, and always has been, at one with its Creator – with the Source of life. We do this daily, moment by moment, all the time, simply by living. The atoms that make up our bodily substance are in motion, changing, transmuting, evolving day by day toward God-realization. Material substance cannot help but evolve and it is magnetized inexorably toward realization of the essential truth of its existence. Any thing, any thought, any motive or intention that is going in a direction other than God-wards eventually falls away in the process of natural evolution.

This unrelenting, natural evolution is, in terms of human sense of time, a slow process. However, as material substance evolves to a level where it is aware, not just of the need for self-preservation, not just of the need to procreate and defend the group – the herd, the family, the clan, the nation – but of the potential to know oneself at one with that which is creating it all, the process can be accelerated. Great leaps forward can be taken when a human chooses the path toward his or her highest potential and embarks on that path consciously, with integrity and with disciplined attention. Evolution toward God-realization can be accelerated. It is for this purpose that Three Mountain Foundation ( and our work here in Germany exists.

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