Let’s unite like the Indigenous do. Today is World’s Indigenous Day.

Let‘s unite with one another more consciously and accept that separation (between humans, nature, all life, the universe) is just an illusion of our minds due to our conditioning and lack of spiritual understanding in Western cultures. Whichever spiritual philosophy, religious tradition and ancient texts 

Those who flow as life flows…

There is a thin line to be recognized, to be known and felt, like for an acrobat on a rope who is focused on the balance of each moment and at the same time preparing their next step. ➖After a period of practice it becomes 

On Masculine and Feminine Energies

Yin and Yang, combining seemingly contrary forces. Yin embodies receptivity, calm, stillness, listening, the „feminine“ principle – while Yang represents activity, drive, movement, expression, the „masculine“ principle. Both are essential to be recognized and nurtured in our selves, as well as in our daily activities, 

How the work came to be – by Lynne.

“You can change your past, and your future, from the present moment, but you must be willing to be clear with yourself. You must be willing to let go of any need to fool yourself.” – Lynne Gordon-Mündel   Over 30 years ago I experienced 

At One with the Love of the Universe – by Lynne.

We have been told there are many types of love. Perhaps not. Are there many types of love? Or are there many ways to experience the energy of Love? When we are with a brother, sister or friend the feelings are not the same as 

Conscious Evolution – by Lynne.

Life is a process of unremitting change. There is never a moment, never a milli-second when change is not happening. Even when neither eyes, ears nor mind register it, change is happening. Atoms are in motion evolving new forms and new levels of awareness. Most 

LOVE and Conscious Relationship

When we realize that we all exist in LOVE together, we want to live in conscious intimate relationship. Instead of old game using confining, possessive language we do not wait for our partner to eventually become a little more conscious so we be finally understood. 

“Don’t take it personally.”

How many times have you heard this?  With a consoling voice, dismissive, sarcastic, even an angry voice? Yours or someone else’s? What happens in your body when you hear these words? Do you feel relief, calm, relaxation?  Or rather more rigid, with interpretations such as 

500€ or 5€ ???

I have been working at a place where I have a nice enough time –  but something has felt off – since I began. Life was trying to speak to / through me but I wanted to see this opportunity of facilitating classes outside of 

Why we practice Stillness

Relating with Stillness and the richness in the immediacy of each moment, we encourage everyone to listen deeply to themselves, to their bodies, to be available to the experience that is moving through them – now. By giving space to every experience, every human beings’