Why we practice Stillness

Relating with Stillness and the richness in the immediacy of each moment, we encourage everyone to listen deeply to themselves, to their bodies, to be available to the experience that is moving through them – now. By giving space to every experience, every human beings’ ideas, egos, emotions arise along with feelings of love, pain, joy and sorrow.

Acknowledging that just by giving space to ourselves, and to one another, we invite change – transformation – to happen gently and automatically.

Giving space – that means being present and available and not judging what is happening to and in front of us. Sounds simple – and, with some practice, it is!

With a daily practice of being in Stillness, we surrender into the way Life force moves us, and translate this into our daily lives and actions.

Inviting Stillness and Listening and Making Space for whatever wants to happen through us can become our Golden Thread in life.

Recognizing that we are not separate from one another and from Life force, an Intelligence beyond our comprehension, we co-create as a team – as a collective – and contribute our unique part to the collective evolution, and the Whole.

With a daily discipline in meditation and surrendering into the Benevolence of Life we hold the space for everyone who wants to overcome his personal, finite, ego-bound boundaries and invite him and her into an experience of deep connection with their greater Selves, the collective/the body of humankind, and the Source.

Making this step towards our conscious evolution we relate with ourselves and one another in new ways, see the evolution of humankind in a new perspective and establish Love as a Way of Life on a daily basis.

We encourage everyone to reconnect with the wisdom that comes from within us, listen to it and let it support us in moving our life into a deeply rooted connection with our selves and our Source. Doing this we free up our creative potential and experience more and more of the joy of being alive.

– Heidi.

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