Holistic Work for a Conscious and Resonant Life

We are Heidi and Veronica, sharing with you our work and our lives.

In our everyday experience we see how this work supports people’s understanding of their relationship with themselves and Life itself, and that there comes a point on everyone’s (spiritual) journey where we need to mature and work and grow together. And realize we are continuously influencing one another, not being separate from one another and the Source of all Existence.

We are based in Frankfurt, Germany, offering spiritual, holistic Workshops, Sharing Circles, Mantra Nights, Living Resonance-Seminars, Quotes of the Day (also on Instagram), Weekly inspirational Videos, Articles and Insights from our place in Consciousness. Our work is rooted in a more than 30 years-discovery of life dynamics, human relationship with one another and with Life, and group consciousness, founded by Lynne Gordon and the Three Mountain foundation in Kamloops, Canada (www.origin8.org).

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